The Utah Lake Restoration Project will transform Utah Lake from its turbid hyper-eutrophic state to a cleaner, clear water state. Sediments on the lake bottom are high in nutrients including phosphorous, nitrogen, and total dissolved solids. Frequent resuspension of these sediments lead to frequent harmful algal blooms affecting the lake, its water quality, and leading to health advisories during prime summer recreation months.


Dredging of Utah Lake, including dredging nutrient loaded sediments, deepening the lake, beneficial use of nutrient loaded sediments, and controlling wind and wave action will create a foundation for cleaner, clearer water. The project will create a long-term naturally sustainable ecosystem for maintaining high water quality by addressing high nutrient inflows, removing invasive plant and fish species, and restoring native plant populations. Littoral and emergent zone plants will anchor the lake bottom and play a fundamental role in restoring the lake’s clear water. 

These changes alone are insufficient to fully restore and maintain water clarity and quality. It is important to also address high nutrient inflows, remove invasive plant and fish species, and restore native plant populations and biodiversity. To accomplish this, the Utah Lake Restoration Project will implement and fund the following: Upgrades to waste water treatment facilities, storm water capture, retention, and treatment, installing biofilters to clean lake water, improve circulation, improving oxygenation of lake water through aeration systems, and littoral zone restoration.


Wastewater Treatment Facilities Upgrades

Stormwater Capture, Retention, & Treatment

Lake Water Biofiltration Systems

Aeration Systems

Littoral Zone Restoration


The Utah Lake Restoration Project has hired a world-class environmental team to ensure success. The environmental team will be tasked with multiple focused responsibilities: funding upgrades to wastewater treatment facilities, storm water capture and treatment, installation, design and operation of biofiltration systems, and lake circulation design and improvement.

The environmental team will report directly through the project manager and director levels to assure all environmental concerns are addressed at the very top of the Lake Restoration Solutions team. Some of the work will be seasonal, providing excellent employment opportunities for university level students in the biology, ecology, water quality, and recreation fields of study.

Wave force on lake bottom reduced by 500%

The significant reduction of wave force on the lake bottom (orbital velocity) will also greatly reduce resuspension of the lake bottom, and dramatically improve water clarity. The reduced orbital velocity allow aquatic plants to re-establish along the lake bottom, further reducing resuspension of sediment and improving water quality and clarity.

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Hands-on volunteer service with our Save Utah Lake team is just a click away. Sign up and we will notify you as soon as a service opportunity comes up.



Hands-on volunteer service with our Save Utah Lake team is just a click away. Sign up and we will notify you as soon as a service opportunity comes up.